Cristina Celestino

Founder of Attico Design and well-established designer in the national and international scene, Cristina Celestino's work explores traditional shapes drawn from the intertwining of fashion, art and design with an attentive and curious eye. This approach includes the new Cocardedesign that takes inspiration from a delicate textile microarchitecture: the rosette. A frieze of crinkled and pleated tape, originally a symbol of vanity, becomes a tool of the designer's investigation.

Observed in its complexity, made of structural folds and chromaticisms, this composition speaks a language that goes beyond the meaning of the emblem of belonging. The volutes of the rosettes give it the appearance of a small rosette, where the regular movement of the ribbon plays with the contrasting color fields. Cristina Celestinoideally accompanies them like petals on the ground, softening their color contrasts by painting a sophisticated color palette. She softens the ripples almost ideally placing the rosettes towards a new two-dimensional and material interpretation. The individual modules, repeated in different sizes on the surface of the carpet, draw an iconic texture, dictating the rhythm of an abstract bouquet.