Monica Armani

Architect, in her projects formal aesthetics, innovation and engineering give life to a unique and recognizable style, characterized by a continuous link between industrial design, architecture and interior decoration.

Monica Armani signs collections of objects and accessories for countless Italian, European and American companies. For the Limited Edition collection by Illulian, Monica Armani elaborates Éclat_IN& Éclat_OUT: a square / circle and a rectangle / oval, on which an intricate metaphorical grid is mounted; a graphic that looks simple but hides a complexity of scaled fragments that alternately draw attention outward and inward.

Éclat_IN, whose fragmented design is more intense in the center and becomes rarefied towards the edge, is thought to be the absolute protagonist if placed in the middle of a room, while Éclat_OUTwhose fragmented design is more intense on the edge, is perfect if dedicated to enhance an important piece of furniture placed in the center of the rug.