Setsu & Shinobu Ito

Japanese designers with extensive experience in various fields including architecture, interior and space, product, industrial and packaging design. They have received prestigious design awards such as "Compasso d'Oro", "Design Plus" (DE), Best of the Best (DE) Reddot Award, NY NOW Best Product (US), "The Good Design Award" (JP ).

This mixture of different sectors and continents characterizes the two wonderful designs created for Illulian, an encounter between the West and the East represented here through their formal, symbolic and cultural peculiarities. Flying Gru shows two origami cranes overlapping a balanced ecosystem of angles, curves and colors. A design symbol of longevity, good wishes and quality for the fine weaving of the carpet. In Origamix, Sakura flowers float, reflecting and multiplying on geometric water ripples. The floral figures overhang, intersect and hide with triangular geometric shapes of multiple colors, enriching the mantle in a balanced contrast of light and dark shades.