Six lines characterize Illulian’s extremely wide production:

  • Design Collection: modern proposals that reflect contemporary trends
  • Palace Collection:modern, classic-style rugs;
  • Limited Edition: the most exclusive line, with proposals designed by celebrated designers, artists and photographers.
  • Kids Collection: a line reserved for the kids’ room interiors, with cheerful and colorful patterns.
  • Marina Collection: an exclusive collection of elegant rugs inspired by the world of navigation and the sea theme.
  • Antique Rugs: a collection of antique rugs and tapestry, rich, elegant and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Design Collection

Line that carries contemporary design rugs, with floral and geometric motifs in keeping with the latest fashion trends.  Includes proposals with ironic and provocative forms and designs, inspired by artworks or by nature, and emphasized by the rich range of brilliant colors. Whether they are black or while, have delicate hues or shocking colors, the chromatic appeal of these rugs is irresistible making the rugs in this line a constant source of inspiration that never fails to surprise.

Palace Collection

The rugs in the Palace Collection have nuances and designs that appeal to a more classic taste, and while a key role is played by motifs that derive from ancient sources, these rugs fit well even in the most modern environments.

Limited Edition

The Limited Edition collection includes pieces styled by famous artists such as Dario Ballantini, Marcelo Burlon, County of Milan, Guido Crepax, Alessandro Enriquez, Bob Krieger, Alessandro La Spada, Marco Lodola and Karim Rashid. In 2017 the collection will be enriched by other prestigious names like Massimiliano Adami, Fabien Cappello, Lorenzo Petrantoni, Dimore Studio and Emtivi Studio.

Kids Collection

The Illulian Kids Collection offers rugs for the kids’ room interiors; it has cheerful and vivacious patterns, childlike forms, colored and original images, not forgetting the Illulian’s high-quality, richness and elegance.

Marina Collection

The precious Marina Collection by Illulian is dedicated to all the lovers of the sea and the marine world, designed to enrich picturesque sea-houses and the luxurious interiors of boats and yatches; inspired by the sea, this line explores its rich universe of shapes and colors, breathing life into an entire series of imaginative, elegant and original motifs.

The Antique Rugs

A line of unique proposals coming from all over the world that includes refined, exclusive pieces from different time periods, ready to furnish with charm the most exclusive settings. These highly valuable rugs are true aesthetic masterpieces of exquisite workmanship, result of a long and extremely rigorous creative process.