Design San D by STUDIO HVN

San D – The Multiverse on Limited Edition

Henny van Nistelrooy is an award winning designer. He has received his Master degree in Design Products at the renowned Royal College of Art London. Before opening his studio he worked freelance on numerous product and interior design projects at different studios including Studio Tord Boontje. In the summer of 2012 Henny relocated to Beijing from where he runs his design studio. Henny currently holds a tutor position at Central Academy of Fine Art’s IFC program.

San D come from the Chinese word for Three Dimensional. Where San means three as each of the designs is compared of three layers. And D represents dimension. When pronounced Di it also refers for the Chinese word for floor: Dimian and carpet: Ditan. 

The design plays whit this idea by merging multiple layers in to one. The effect is emphasised through a subtle play in color gradients. These are designed carefully to emphasise the three dimensional effect. Color tones fade from light to dark and are placed in relation to the graphic image of the rug.

Here the fringes are placed inside the frame of the carpet complimenting the idea of rugs superimposed on each other.

The collection is composed by three different shapes: Circle, Square and Rectangle.