Downtown Design Dubai 2021

Design on stage: Illulian presents its new rugs for Limited Edition

Serena Confalonieri, Studio Fuksas and Paula Cademartori: these are the names behind the new 2021 proposals for the Limited Edition collection by Illulian, creating a farrago of textures, colours, and aesthetic styles, together with a rich array of patterns.

The very personal style, vision, and creative genius of these high-profile brands of Italian and international design are transformed into highly expressive decorative weaves, which reveal a very unique form of storytelling that will allow you to experience a veritable deluge of design. Impactful solutions that can bring cosmopolitan charisma to the home.

Limited Edition is in fact the brand’s most exclusive line. It is made up of unique pieces designed by famous artists and designers who convey their own personalities and life philosophies through patterns, illustrations, and chromatic compositions, which come to life on the rug’s surface.

Illulian has once again successfully captured the mood of our time, where the world of design is becoming increasingly exposed to influences from other sectors: graphic design, architecture, painting, sculpture, fashion, photography, and television.

LAKI by Serena Confalonieri

The Laki design is reminiscent of futurist-inspired geometric patterns, with contrasting chromatic palettes. The designs create a decorative frame in motion, graphically resembling a cog mechanism, a beloved component amongst futurist artists.

From a colour perspective, the delicate tones of its pastel colours alternate with stronger and brighter shades, creating a kaleidoscopic design that takes on a three-dimensional form thanks to the nuances of colour achieved through a very fine weaving technique. In the collection, the same geometrical shapes that make up the patterns also give rise to different rug shapes. The design focuses on the communicability between decoration and substance, and between patterns and boundaries.

THE CLOUD by Studio Fuksas –  Doriana e Massimiliano Fuksas

Suspended in the air, the clouds pass quickly. Taking a piece of heaven with them. They create new forms, new spaces, new configurations. Sometimes they remember of something or someone. They are the extension of our imagination. Aerial forms of extraordinary beauty”.

The Cloud, the iconic building designed in Rome by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, becomes a rug and part of our daily life. Due to its sinuous and organic lines the design generates shapes that always appear different depending on the orientation. As if they were in constant motion, the more you look at them, the more you discover new configurations. An object that brings a small piece of sky into our homes.

All the rug models of the large Illulian production are knotted and carded by hand and can be produced in two qualities, Platinum 120 and Gold 100, which enchant with their chromatic appeal obtained from the brilliant vegetable colors used. Platinum 120 quality represents the most exclusive line, characterized by the use of the highest quality hand-spun wool and pure silk as well as an extremely complex process – 180,000 knots / m2 – which allows to create reliefs with very scenographic effects. Gold 100 quality offers rugs hand-knotted in wool and silk, always of great charm with a density of 152,000 knots / m2.

Moreover, thanks to the Custom Made service, consolidated key strength of the brand, it is possible to bring to life an absolutely bespoke rug, through the choice of colors, design, and size. These prestigious pieces can be chosen for residential spaces as well as for contract projects, such as museums, showrooms, hotels, restaurants and nautical solutions.