bob krieger

Considered one of the greatest international portrait photographer, Bob Krieger has photographed the most famous faces in politics, industry, entertainment, culture, sport and fashion. Passionate, curious and tireless, Bob Krieger loves the challenges his work brings him every day, from memorable fashion shots to portraits with an unmistakable touch.

“… in the continuous research that inspires my work, giving up one of the cornerstones of my images, the gaze, is a challenge that has given me the inspiration for a new adventure”. These words by Bob Krieger summarize the attention and the ability to be able to grasp every time, in each person, the unique and singular trait of those in front of him. In front of his lens posed from Giorgio Armani to Indro Montanelli, from Bill Gates to Carlo Bo, from Miuccia Prada, to Charlotte Rampling. He has been Giovanni Agnelli’s portrait photographer for the past ten years.

Author of three Time covers, correspondent of the New York Times Magazine for eight years, Krieger has worked for all the world’s stylists of the last half century. Born in Alexandria in Egypt, he inherited the rigor of his character from his Prussian father and the artistic vein from his mother, who belongs to the family of painters, librettists, actors, artists of the Cammarano, to whom we owe part of the frescoes of the Royal Palace of Caserta and of Royal Palace and San Carlo Theater in Naples, UNESCO World Heritage Site. He left us in May 2020.


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