Established in 2007 by Draga Obradovic and Aurel K. Basedow, Draga & Aurel is a multidisciplinary studio and workshop for art, collectible design, and furnishing items. Armed with a diversified background in art, fashion, and craftsmanship, Draga & Aurel are widely known for combining original methods with an artistic approach to materials and composition. Pioneers in upcycling in the design sector, they began their journey by reinventing vintage furniture and objects in their own style and shaping the first Deshabillé and Heritage collections.

Their 2009 debut at Milano Design Week marked the beginning of significant partnerships with furniture companies, firstly Baxter and Wall&Deco, followed by new ones throughout the years, including Visionnaire and Gallotti&Radice, and more recently Poltrona Frau and Giorgetti. In 2019, the couple staggered the crowds at Milano Design Week with a new personal project: the Transparency Matters collection, which explores the use and the possibilities of transparency, always related to lights and colors phenomena. From its launch, the studio has continued to develop the collection, gaining more popularity. Between art and design, Transparency Matters collectible design pieces find the perfect display in the most prestigious galleries, such as Rossana Orlandi Gallery, Nilufar Gallery and Todd Merrill Studio. Moreover, they often participate in art and design fairs. Their design production stands alongside the artistic output of Aurel K. Basedow, comprising powerful, evocative, and poetic works. At Draga & Aurel, art and design follow two parallel and complementary paths, in a continuous exchange that strengthens and sometimes inverts their meanings.

Designed by Draga Aurel

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