Jannelli & Volpi

Jannelli&Volpi designs and manufactures collections of wallpaper and wall coverings known and admired all over the world. It’s a place where innovation embraces tradition, and where industrial production combines creativity, craft expertise and latest-generation technological processes.

Founded in 1961 by Oreste Jannelli, in Milan, Jannelli&Volpi has a history intimately linked to the Made in Italy brand value, a company deeply rooted in its country and heritage, able to grow, evolve and succeed in the International markets, excelling for quality and style.

It is the “Jannelli&Volpi Wallpaper Factory”, a family story and an unchanging passion: seizing the wonder and filling the world is what has brought us here, and what the world recognizes us every day.

Mauro Jannelli, President of the Company, Paola Alba Jannelli, Head of CreativeLab and Communication, and Lidia Jannelli, Head of Finance. The experience of our family has always been a core value, a “system” that from a common goal masters multiple experiences, and therefore harmonizes with different partners who share the same vision.

An open and efficient system generated a team in which experienced experts are supported by young professionals who play operational roles, this team ensures continuity and an eye constantly open to the future.


Designed by Jannelli & Volpi

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