Guido Crepax

Born in Milan in 1933, Guido Crepax is considered one of the most important Italian comic book authors and probably the best known internationally in the field of adult comics. He starts very young, creating his first comic story at twelve.

Graduated in architecture, he prefers to devote himself to design as the author of numerous album covers first and then as an advertising graphic, creating campaigns for Shell, Campari, Omsa, Esso, Standa, Rizzoli, Dunlop and subsequently Terital, Primizia, Iveco, Fuji, Breil and Honda.

In 1965, thanks to the magazine Linus, he returned to comics to create the character that made him known all over the world: Valentina, one of the few heroines in comics, the only one who has aged with her Author. Meticulous and refined, like the most recent film versions, are his comic book transpositions of some literary classics (from Emmanuelle to Histoire d’O, from Justine to Venus in furs, from Dracula to Frankenstein, from Doctor Jekyll to Giro di vite, from Poe to Kafka). Overall he has made over 5,000 comic strips and his books have been published in about 200 editions in the main known languages. In 40 years of activity he has also done hundreds of illustrations for newspapers, books, furnishing accessories, fashion and design.

He has also worked for the theater, cinema and television. As a pure artist he made dozens of lithographs. Numerous personal exhibitions dedicated to him in Italy and abroad. Rokland Barthes, Alan Robbe-Grillet, Gillo Dorfles, Umberto Eco and many others have written about him. 


Designed by Guido Crepax

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