Mattar Bin Lahej is an Emirati painterphotographer and sculptor and a designer from Dubai. His distinctive style and creative use of Arabic calligraphy force his art to stand out. Dubbed as the “Man of Steel”, he is one of the most distinguished Emirati artists of our time. Apart from his sculptures that decorate various spots across the UAE and the different parts of overseas countries.

This Luxurious custom handmade Rug was born from a unique collaboration between Illulian the Emirati artist Mattar Bin Lahej, his enduring love for Arabic typography and calligraphy.

Mattar’s self-created Mattar Font can lend itself to many different forms of artistic expression and this year the font takes on a new life through the Arabic word حب which means “Love, to celebrate the creation of a new type of art by creating a beautiful and luxurious custom handmade rug using this international word with a creative Arabic font that was delivered by a creative Emirati Artist. 

Mattar chose this profound word because it embodies and symbolizes all the values that he wants to instill in this collaboration and final collection, The use of this extraordinarily powerful Arabic word represents the true meaning and purpose of the Mattar Font. but also, as an artist: from joy and happiness to courage and determination. The word love is also a recognition of his own personal love for art, specifically the art of Arabic typography and calligraphy.


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